2010 Recap

We lived in an RV for the whole year. The end.

OK, just kidding…well, not the part about living in an RV. That was true. Still is. But there was a lot of stuff going on and it turned out to be a pretty good year.

We started out the year with our house in Orlando rented to a couple who signed a sales contract to purchase it in June. While we waited, we shopped real estate in the Clearwater area. In March we bought a 1 acre gulf front lot from a gentleman in Tarpon Springs whose family had owned the land for generations. Quite an interesting guy – ex-Marine pilot, ex-trial lawyer, currently a gentleman farmer and a triathlete. Oh, yeah, and he’s only 72. Looking forward to having him for a neighbor one day.

The deal on our Orlando house fell through and when the tenants moved out in July, we spent a few weeks in Orlando prepping the house to put on the market again. We got another sales contract on the house in September. The closing was delayed a little – the buyer couldn’t get homeowners insurance because there was a named storm within 800 miles of our house…good grief. Heaven forbid that an insurance company should have to pay a claim – OK, don’t get me started on that. We finally closed near the end of Oct.

We started looking for a house in the Clearwater area. We had thought we would buy a small house and reserve some funds to start building a house on the Gulf. After some looking, 4 offers that weren’t accepted, and meeting with 2 architects, we decided to revamp our strategy. We decided to delay building on our lot and use most of the proceeds from the sale of our Orlando house to buy a house here. We currently have a house under contract, but since it’s a foreclosure, the lien holders have to approve the offer. The listing agent is working on that and we should know something next week.

As a family, we had a good year. K finished up 9th grade and started 10th as a homeschooler, and she’s taking some classes at a local private school. She has a couple of good friends at the campground and also got her driver’s permit – good times.
Jim’s job is good and he’s enjoyed some shore fishing at our Tarpon lot. I keep up with my 2 family members and we made 3 trips up to visit my family in Mississippi and Alabama.

All in all a nice year, and we’re looking forward to new adventures in 2011.


About donnahuebsch

I'm a wife, a mom to an unschooling teenager, an animal lover, an artsy craftsy kind of person, & a DIYer. We're embarking on our BIGGEST do-it-yourself project yet - renovating an entire house!
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