Something New to Chew On

I talked to my neighbor Randy yesterday about us having a house under contract in Largo.  As it turns out, he used to be a building inspector with the City of Largo – small world, huh?  He knew exactly where our (hopefully) future house is, and remembered doing inspections on several houses in the neighborhood.

We discussed the upcoming renovation and he had a lot of good tips.  The most interesting thing to me was when the discussion turned to gas vs. electric stoves.

Electric stove??

Gas Stove??

I told Randy that I preferred gas over electric stoves, but that the old stove had been electric.  I wasn’t sure if the city had natural gas supply lines in that area, or if we’d have to install a propane tank if we wanted gas.

I had thought we could just let the gas vs. electric decision drift along for a while until after we got moved in and started our renovation.  However, Randy said, “If you’re thinking about replacing your HVAC system,” and we probably will have to, “then you should think about having a gas furnace instead of electric.”  He said that gas is much more efficient.  It heats the air more quickly, and heats it to 120 degrees, compared to about 100 degrees for a heat pump system.  Hmmmm.

Since replacing the HVAC system is one of the first things we will look at, I have some homework to do tomorrow…I need to check with the city and see if they have natural gas supply lines in that neighborhood.  If not, I will need to get prices on having a propane tank installed on the property, as well as prices for a gas vs. an electric furnace.  Well, that should keep me busy for a little while and keep my mind off when the next drop of water will hit me on the forehead 😮


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I'm a wife, a mom to an unschooling teenager, an animal lover, an artsy craftsy kind of person, & a DIYer. We're embarking on our BIGGEST do-it-yourself project yet - renovating an entire house!
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10 Responses to Something New to Chew On

  1. Aditi says:

    Donna, is your place on outskirts of some city ? I thought gas lines run every where in USA. Hmm, I guess I was wrong.
    Well we always had gas , here and as well as in India, so no idea about electric but gas works out best. It speeds up the process of cooking while maintaining the nutrition value of food 🙂
    All the best once again.

    • donnahuebsch says:

      Aditi, Largo is the city we will be in…it’s one of a bunch of municipalities all squished together on the west side of Tampa Bay. In looking online, I think that Clearwater Gas System provides service for our neighborhood – I’m giving them a call tomorrow. I would really like a gas stove!

  2. Deb says:

    Currently,I have a gas furnace,water heater and fireplace but an electric stove. I have had a gas stove in the past. If I could magically create the perfect home-I would keep all these items as gas appliances except the oven. I would like a gas stove top but an electric oven-not sure why but whenever I baked with a gas oven there was always a faint taste of gas in the food. However the speed of heating on the stove top with gas is great! Also good if you have gas is even if the power goes out you have hot water and the ability to heat and cook (unless you have an electric starter). When I had a gas stove in Florida and we lost power for over a week due to a hurricane I was the only person on our street who could cook! SO all the neighbors brought their food from the freezers that weren’t working (again no power) and I cooked and ate their food and we had a street party for a week -it was a blast! My house was also the only one with a hot shower!!! We were very popular that week-lol!

    • donnahuebsch says:

      I want a gas stove and an electric oven, too – not sure why. I think I want to get one of those dual fuel ranges rather than a cooktop and separate wall oven.

      And the idea about cooking during a power outage is great – we live on the west coast of Florida so hurricanes are a concern.

  3. eof737 says:

    Good thing you had that conversation because it is a very important one… and a huge expense to re-convert afterwards… I know this one. 🙂
    Looks like thing are moving along in the reno division right?

  4. eof737 says:

    By the way, can you add a social network button to your blog? I wanted to tweet your post but the button is missing… WordPress has set it up for you; you just have to add the widget to your blog.
    Go to Dashboard-> Appearance-> Widgets and you can hover and move them into your primary widget box. It should already be set up and you don’t need to do much but copy the URL for your sites and add them to the right box.
    Try it! 🙂

    • donnahuebsch says:

      I have no idea what a social network button is, but I will try it 😮

    • donnahuebsch says:

      I’ve looked at my widgets and am not seeing what I think a social network button would be – what exactly does it let people do? Do you have one on your sidebar? I was looking there to get an idea of what it was, but couldn’t figure out which one it might be. Thanks for helping out one who is challenged in the area of social media 😮

    • donnahuebsch says:

      Eliz, I consulted with my IT advisor (aka my 15-year-old) and she showed me how to set up my share button function…now the share button shows up at the end of each post. It’s great having a smart kid! Thanks for the suggestion 😮

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