First Haircut for the Yard

Hubby spent his first day doing yard work at our new house – seems like old times 😮 Of course since all his tools have been in storage for a year-and-a-half, there was a little extra prep work involved…he had to run to Walmart for a new battery for the riding mower. Then there was a trip to Home Depot for a gas can, since our old one disappeared. And last, there was a trip to the gas station to fill up the can.

Jim started off by hand-trimming a lot of dead palm fronds – looks like some of the trees got hit pretty hard by the cold weather we had…fortunately there is fresh green growth and the palms look perky with all the dead stuff gone.

After getting rid of the dead stuff, Jim cut the lawn, then weed-whacked and edged. He said he didn’t realize how overgrown the edges of the sidewalks had gotten, and it took a while to plow through that, but now it looks nice and neat. For some reason, when it’s all freshly cut and edged, it reminds me of a cake – OK, maybe I’m just food oriented. 😮

A future project will be to pressure clean that sidewalk!

K. is working very hard on an economics project that is due Monday.  Right now she is editing a commercial she shot for her team’s “product”…it’s really creative!

As for me, I just received my Waring Pro SB30 Single Burner, aka a hot plate. It’s funny how things have different names now to make them seem more appealing – like it’s Spanx now, instead of a girdle, and it’s “previously owned”, instead of “used” – anyway, I digress. I have a burner, microwave, toaster oven, crockpot, electric griddle, and outdoor grill…we’re in pretty good shape as far as cooking goes. Now I need to go spend a little time this evening organizing my kitchen – see ya later!

About donnahuebsch

I'm a wife, a mom to an unschooling teenager, an animal lover, an artsy craftsy kind of person, & a DIYer. We're embarking on our BIGGEST do-it-yourself project yet - renovating an entire house!
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1 Response to First Haircut for the Yard

  1. ElizOF says:

    Looks very nice and I love the title you used. Made me smile. It’s coming together for you. 😉

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