Invisalign Buttons

Check this great article on HubPages for tips on how to remove Invisalign trays!

K. has been through 5 weeks and 3 trays’ worth of Invisaligns and so far, so good. At her last dentist’s visit, however, Dr. T. added the “buttons” to K’s teeth…let me tell you, buttons add a whole new dimension to the Invisalign experience.

Buttons are little resin attachments for your teeth – not every tooth, though…K. got 3 buttons in each quadrant of her mouth. They fit into little bubbled-out spaces in the Invisalign trays and help the alignment process be more efficient.

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This is not K.’s mouth, BTW…do you know any self-respecting 15-year-old who would let their mother put a picture of them like this on their blog?

Not only do the buttons increase the efficiency of the Invisaligns, they also happen to seal those trays down to your teeth like they’re welded on!! Our dentist had hinted that they would be harder to get off, but they were RIDICULOUSLY difficult to remove. When we got back from the dentist, K. needed to eat a quick meal before heading off to classes, but the darn things wouldn’t pop out of her mouth. I think we were lulled into complacency by the ease of popping out the 1st two sets of trays when she didn’t have buttons…these suckers wouldn’t budge.

I finally managed to get the top tray out for her after much wailing and gnashing of teeth (mine, not hers). The bottoms were stuck tight in place…I placed a frantic call to the dentist, asking for some tips on getting them out. While we were waiting on the call back, I actually did manage to get them removed, but I had to pull so hard that I felt like I was going to pull out every tooth in her lower jaw.

After school, we were hoping they would be a littler easier to get out…no such luck. There were tears of pain (hers) and tears of frustration (mine). Out of desperation, I googled how to remove Invisaligns with buttons – almost right away, there was a tip from a girl who suggested working from one side to the other, using your thumbnails to lift up on the tray. Works like a charm! It’s still tough, but manageable. Thank goodness for Google 🙂

If you still have problems popping out your trays, check out this nifty-looking product called the Outie on Amazon…it might be helpful!

If you have any interesting Invisalign experiences, please share 🙂

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5 Responses to Invisalign Buttons

  1. eof737 says:

    Ah, the magic of Google… I feel for your poor baby. I was about to sing their praises (the button) when I saw the picture… until I read your full post. If they are that hard to get off, I’ll hold my praise for now. Hope it gets easier over time. 🙂

    • donnahuebsch says:

      It is definitely getting easier – and it’s going to be so worth it when she’s done…the dentist showed us a 3-D animation of the changes in her teeth over the next year, and the results are going to be truly amazing! We also took a sneak peek at tray #24 and it’s hard to believe that her teeth will look that way.

  2. Amy Butler says:

    i’m trying to convince my husband to get invisalign (he just barely needs them on top, and needs them on bottom) when we can afford them.

    how much were they compared to regular braces? can you tell a difference already?

    • donnahuebsch says:

      They weren’t covered by our insurance but we got a discount because we had insurance – I know, I don’t really get it…they cost us $4500. I can’t compare that to regular braces because they weren’t a good option for us and we never priced them. K.’s on tray #3 out of 24, and maybe it’s my imagination, but I think I can see a difference already…she’s supposed to change trays every 2 weeks, so she’ll be in them for almost a year.

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