Hollywood, Here We Come!

Just arrived in Hollywood (Florida, that is) this evening for another week of Schroth-based physical therapy. We’re staying at the same place as last time, only I dawdled around making reservations and there was only an oceanview room left – boo hoo 🙂

We stopped at Publix on the way in and also picked up dinner at Little Caesar’s so that once we arrived, we would be settled in for the evening. The parking here is very interesting…there’s a free garage, which is nice, but all the parking spots are about 2 feet wide – well, a little wider than that, but not much. Since I’m driving a GMC Yukon, it’s a real challenge to get into a spot, and I try to make sure I only have to do it once a day.

BTW, we discovered a great gizmo that breaks up the monotony on a long trip…we had been wanting to listen to K’s iPod through the car speakers, but didn’t have a place in the Yukon to plug it in. I called a car stereo superstore in Clearwater and they told me for $150, they could get us equipped to play the iPod. Ouch. I went to WalMart and found something that looks like a cassette tape with a cable on it. Plug the cable into the iPod and pop the cassette into the car’s tape player and VOILA! The iPod plays through the car stereo system. The Philips Cassette Adapter, $9.88 at Wal-Mart…sure beats $150!

K. had a fiberglass body mold done on Saturday which will be used to fabricate a Rigo Cheneau brace for her. The literature says that it takes 2-3 weeks to get the completed brace and you have to go pick it up in San Mateo, CA, just outside of San Francisco…again, boo hoo 🙂 I haven’t been out west in a long time, and K’s never been, so we will probably stay a couple of extra days to tour around. K. will have to miss a few days of school for the trip (BOO HOO). I think we will have to ride the cable cars, and visit Fisherman’s Wharf, Alcatraz, Chinatown and take a gander at the Golden Gate Bridge. Can anyone think of any other “must see” or “must do” items while in San Francisco?


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I'm a wife, a mom to an unschooling teenager, an animal lover, an artsy craftsy kind of person, & a DIYer. We're embarking on our BIGGEST do-it-yourself project yet - renovating an entire house!
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3 Responses to Hollywood, Here We Come!

  1. eof737 says:

    Best wishes with K’s brace work and have a safe trip to both of you… All will be well.

  2. donnahuebsch says:

    Thanks, Elizabeth!

  3. Pat says:

    It’s too hot for “wine country” and I’m not sure that would be high on K’s list anyway since she’s not old enough to “taste”. As you know the weather will be really cool and windy in the city. I’ve always had to wear a jacket even in July!

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