Bedroom Progress

As I mentioned in my last renovation post (wa-a-ay back in November), Jim didn’t let any grass grow under his feet after finishing the master bedroom renovation…he immediately began working on our daughter’s bedroom.

This room had a lot of issues – icky lavender paint, navy blue carpet and scrawny, little baseboard:

One wall had a pocket door that we wanted to get rid of, another wall was on a diagonal, and the end of the closet was also on a diagonal. It made for a lot of awkward places in the room:

And of course, there was the popcorn ceiling, which pretty much made my skin crawl every time I looked at it:

Jim demo’d the walls we wanted to change:

He patched the gaps in the ceiling where the old studs used to be:

The yucky old popcorn ceiling got scraped off:

Jim brought home another load from Home Depot and studded in the new walls:

He put up new drywall and went through countless hours of taping, mudding and sanding. He applied a knockdown texture to the ceiling and new walls, and then primed the ceiling and all walls. He painted the ceiling white:

And – surprise, surprise – he painted the walls pink:

He installed the same bamboo flooring that we used in the master. Then he did such a bang-up job on the baseboards that I wrote a tutorial called Installing Colonial Baseboard and published it on HubPages.

And the most recent addition to K’s room was – TA DA! The first completed door in the house! Jim built it from scratch, rather than buying a pre-hung door:

We need to finish the closet and put up decorative items, but K’s already moved in with her bed, chest, dresser, and pink butterfly chair. It’s great to have two functional bedrooms again!

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I'm a wife, a mom to an unschooling teenager, an animal lover, an artsy craftsy kind of person, & a DIYer. We're embarking on our BIGGEST do-it-yourself project yet - renovating an entire house!
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