Our Trip to Wisconsin

To read about how we made our decision to use the Schroth Method as physical therapy for scoliosis, visit my HubPages article, “The Schroth Method – A Conservative, Non-surgical Treatment Option for Scoliosis.

I just wanted to update everyone on the trip K. and I made to Wisconsin at the end of January.  We had the opportunity for K. to be a patient model at Scoliosis Rehab in Stevens Point – they were having an advanced certification class for physical therapists in the Schroth Method, and they needed 10 patient models to participate. The therapy was free of charge, and we just had to pay our travel expenses.

It was such a fabulous week!  It was the first time K. got to meet other kids with scoliosis and also the first time I got to meet other parents whose kids are dealing with this issue.  It was a really great group!  Another highlight was that the lead instructor was Dr. Manuel Rigo, who is probably the top person in the whole world for teaching the classic Schroth Method.  He is also the Rigo in “Rigo Cheneau” brace, which is the brace K. has.

The orthotist who fit K.’s brace, Grant Wood, was also there, and re-checked the brace fit for all the kids who were wearing the Rigo Cheneau. Another neat thing was that K’s physical therapist, Kimberly Ganz, who taught K. the Schroth exercises last summer, was one of the class participants.

It was a long week and the kids worked their butts off! But it was an extraordinary experience and I’m so glad we had the chance to go. And of course, since it was Wisconsin in January, we got to see our fill of snow 🙂

We found out that K. needs to modify her exercises due to her hypermobility, so we came home with a few changes, and will fine-tune her program more when we visit our physical therapist next time. It was really a worthwhile trip all around!

For other blog posts about our experience with scoliosis, click on “Scoliosis” on the menu bar at the top of my blog.


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