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The Balloon Animal

In my last post, I mentioned that you should ignore the pile of balloons in the background of my pictures, and that I would explain them in a future post.  Well, here is the promised explanation. For K’s 18th birthday … Continue reading

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But Which Way Are Their Heads Pointing?

We have a system in our renovations around here – I make the design decisions and Jim does all the work.  It works out pretty well that way.  For me anyway. A big problem with this is that I have … Continue reading

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More Kitchen Renovation

I’ve been very lazy in my blogging duties – actually I will blame it partly on my daughter’s drama play, prom, graduation, 18th birthday and all the associated activities with getting ready to start college. But I thought I would … Continue reading

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A Rude Awakening

A couple of weeks ago, Jim woke up in the wee hours of the morning to a strange, whining sound (no, it wasn’t me).  He thought it sounded like the vacuum running and he wondered, “Why is Donna vacuuming at … Continue reading

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