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Optimist or Pessimist?

Since my blog is a journal of my family’s current house hunting adventures, I don’t usually use the DailyPost topic suggestions, but today’s brought back such a funny memory, I had to share it!  Today’s topic was “Are you an … Continue reading

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Something New to Chew On

I talked to my neighbor Randy yesterday about us having a house under contract in Largo.  As it turns out, he used to be a building inspector with the City of Largo – small world, huh?  He knew exactly where … Continue reading

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Extensions Ad Infinitum & Ad Nauseam

Another week has gone by, and we still have not closed on the house.  The interminable waiting is wearing my patience thin — have I mentioned that I am not a good waiter?  All of this waiting for something to … Continue reading

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Footing the Bill

(I thought I would share my first chiropractic visit – This post originally appeared in my old blog on Sept. 30, 2010.  P.S.  Yes, this is the last day of our contract extension, and no, the seller has not gotten … Continue reading

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Shrimp, Anyone?

I have fallen into such a rut in the RV with our meals, so I’ve been trying to cook something new every now and then.  Recently I posted a recipe I developed for Chicken Fettucine Alfredo.  Wanting something similar the … Continue reading

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Waitin’ on Renovatin’

No word from the seller’s side regarding being able to give us clear title to the house…I can only assume that they’re still working on getting the IRS to agree to release their lien against the property.  There are two … Continue reading

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I’m Not So Well-Adjusted

I visited a chiropractor last week for a problem I’ve been having with my left arm — I have a limited range of motion and sharp pains anywhere from my shoulder down to my elbow.  With our upcoming renovation activities, … Continue reading

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