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The Corner Cabinet

If you tried to guess the mystery items in my last post, and you guessed “vertical supports for pantry shelves”, you would have been right! Check out the pictures below to see how they look in a finished unit. My … Continue reading

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Creative Parking

Here’s a photo of some creative parking we saw when we dropped our daughter off for her afternoon class the other day. While this person obviously knew better than to park in one of the handicapped spaces, they apparently thought … Continue reading

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The Balloon Animal

In my last post, I mentioned that you should ignore the pile of balloons in the background of my pictures, and that I would explain them in a future post.  Well, here is the promised explanation. For K’s 18th birthday … Continue reading

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I Wouldn’t Want This Job!!

Last week I witnessed an interesting event out back. I had heard the constant buzz of a helicopter overhead so I went out to take a look. There is a very large power pole down the creek a few lots. … Continue reading

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Schroth Wall Bars in the House!

Update 10/3/13: I recently came across a source from which to order wall bars – check out this link! 3B Scientific Eucalyptus Wood Stall Bar I participate in the Amazon Affiliate program, which means I get paid when people link … Continue reading

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Sweet 16 (Part I) – The Driver’s Test

It has been a very busy and exciting week celebrating K.’s Sweet 16th birthday!  While I had approached this birthday with no particular expectations, I didn’t realize until recently that K. did have some. (Note to others – check with … Continue reading

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Invisalign Buttons

Check this great article on HubPages for tips on how to remove Invisalign trays! K. has been through 5 weeks and 3 trays’ worth of Invisaligns and so far, so good. At her last dentist’s visit, however, Dr. T. added the … Continue reading

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