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How To Recover From a Stress Test

1. Stretch out in your easy chair. 2. Cover up with your favorite quilt. 3. Let 2 of your animals snuggle on top of you. 4. Nap until well-rested.

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The First Fire of the Season

Yesterday was Thanksgiving – it also happened to be the first day cold enough to have our first fire of the season – nice! We had it going for most of the day and evening.

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The Balloon Animal

In my last post, I mentioned that you should ignore the pile of balloons in the background of my pictures, and that I would explain them in a future post.  Well, here is the promised explanation. For K’s 18th birthday … Continue reading

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But Which Way Are Their Heads Pointing?

We have a system in our renovations around here – I make the design decisions and Jim does all the work.  It works out pretty well that way.  For me anyway. A big problem with this is that I have … Continue reading

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Can You See Why Casey Is A Real SweetHEART??

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The Billiards Table

As soon as Jim had the last plank of flooring down in the living and dining room areas, I was itching to get our billiards table set up again…it had been taken apart and in storage for about 2 years! … Continue reading

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A Case of Mistaken Bird-entity

I’ve been watching a bird who hangs out across the creek at a little gap where the water flows through. I had been assuming it was a yellow-crowned night heron like the bird I saw in our back yard last … Continue reading

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Recent Photos

Nothing big has been going on, but I’ve been snapping lots of photos of the everyday things that happen, and thought I would share a few. Jim says that he does NOT like our cat. Here is a picture of … Continue reading

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Our Trip to Wisconsin

To read about how we made our decision to use the Schroth Method as physical therapy for scoliosis, visit my HubPages article, “The Schroth Method – A Conservative, Non-surgical Treatment Option for Scoliosis.“ I just wanted to update everyone on the … Continue reading

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“Mo-o-o-om, Molly’s Using the Little Dog Bed Again!”

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