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Here Some Mud, There Some Mud

Remember how we wanted to change our master closet? We want to go from this: To this: After some demo and reframing, the new drywall is up, and Jimbo is into the taping/mudding phase. Here some mud- There some mud … Continue reading

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Rings & Things Bead Tour

K. and I recently went to the annual Rings & Things Bead Tour when it stopped by in Tampa.  For beading fanatics, it’s like being a kid in a GIGANTIC candy store.  I go with a budget, because if I … Continue reading

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Invisalign & Scoliosis

OK, those 2 things are not related…it just that I wanted to post an update on the odds and ends that have been going on around here and it happens to involve both those things. 🙂  First, K. is on … Continue reading

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Happy Father’s Day!

Happy Father’s Day, Dad!

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Sweet 16 (Part II) – The Rest of the Birthday

(For the first part of the story, see “Sweet 16 (Part I) – The Driver’s Test“.) With her driver’s license acquired, K. could finally relax and enjoy her birthday – she and I were both giddy with relief.  We got … Continue reading

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“Working With Tools Tires Me Out” – Wordless Wednesday #8

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Sweet 16 (Part I) – The Driver’s Test

It has been a very busy and exciting week celebrating K.’s Sweet 16th birthday!  While I had approached this birthday with no particular expectations, I didn’t realize until recently that K. did have some. (Note to others – check with … Continue reading

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Lighten Up!

We’re continuing to address the lighting needs of this house – Jim would really like for us to be all-LED…this would be great.  LED lights use less energy, give off little heat, and last for years and years.  They are … Continue reading

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Grandfather Rules

On Friday I got a call from our insurance agent regarding our quote on flood insurance…you may recall that we had gotten a quote that was astronomically high. But the agent had mentioned something called “Grandfather Rules”, and said that, … Continue reading

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Invisalign Buttons

Check this great article on HubPages for tips on how to remove Invisalign trays! K. has been through 5 weeks and 3 trays’ worth of Invisaligns and so far, so good. At her last dentist’s visit, however, Dr. T. added the … Continue reading

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