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How To Recover From a Stress Test

1. Stretch out in your easy chair. 2. Cover up with your favorite quilt. 3. Let 2 of your animals snuggle on top of you. 4. Nap until well-rested.

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Score: Sheet of MDF – 1 : Jim’s Big Toe – 0

OUCH. Even though it wasn’t a full 4×8 sheet, that MDF is heavy stuff! Although the Man of the Place fractured his big toe, the bones weren’t out of place, so the doc just buddy-taped it to his second toe. … Continue reading

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The Corner Cabinet

If you tried to guess the mystery items in my last post, and you guessed “vertical supports for pantry shelves”, you would have been right! Check out the pictures below to see how they look in a finished unit. My … Continue reading

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